kncminer reseller

kncminer reseller


1.  Reseller agreement
2.  November Pricing
3.  Development progress
4.  Hosting update
5.  Pre-configuration options
6.  Upgrade removal

 Reseller agreement

We would like to announce the beginning of our reward based reseller program. Anyone can become a registered reseller of our devices. The rewards are simple, for every 10 sales of one individual device you will receive one of the same items for free. For example, provide us with 10 Jupiter sales and we will ship you a complete Jupiter free of charge. Sell 10 Saturn’s and we will ship you a Saturn free of charge the same applies for Mercury devices.

It’s that simple!

To register as a reseller simply contact . We will then provide you with a reseller ID, and then all you have to do is get people to click on a special link in the format of Where xxx = your reseller ID number.

You are free to advertise your own personal link on any site/forum/portal you wish. We will soon be providing an online report where you can view your sales, but for now please contact and we can provide you with a sales report.
We will also be providing sample banners and images shortly. All registered resellers will receive a copy of the banners when available.

November pricing

With difficulty increasing the way it is, we would like to give an indication of a November price drop. Currently all orders placed and paid for will ship in October, and yes, we still have space within October for more orders. However, as soon as this is no longer the case we will adjust our prices for November accordingly.

To give you an indication on the forthcoming price drop a Jupiter device will cost less than 5000 USD. More information will follow on this when October shipping becomes full.

Development progress

While we wait for the chips to finish production, we have some news on the development progress, and it’s good news. We have been continuously testing our design to get the best out of the chips. We would like to say, that while the spec of Jupiter will remain a guaranteed minimum 400 GH/s we can confirm that we are expecting to be over that mark by a considerable margin.

Hosting update
Hosting has become quite popular and we are filling up fast for September and October devices. Space is becoming limited, so for those of you wanting to host with us we recommend you order hosting as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Pre-Configuration Options

There has been a small update made to our webshop. You will now have the option to enter your Pool preferences with wallet address and/or worker Name ID. We would like to invite all customers who wish to preconfigure their devices to return to the site, login to our shop and enter your details. The new fields can be found under the “my account” page.For people with orders of multiple devices who wish to preconfigure, you can enter one [worker name] we will then add _[xx]  which will be automatically configured on all of your devices before they leave our factory. This means that all you have to do is plug them in and walk away.

Upgrade removal

For people wishing to take advantage of our current upgrade process you have one more week left, as of next Friday this option will no longer be available to any customers.

KnCMiner team

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